I treat through energy medicine and use the shamanic way of working.

 Methods I use:



The frequency medicine uses the positive spiritual qualities of a plant or mineral, transferred into liquid form. It serves as a sympathetic resonance. Imagine a tuning fork and a stringed instrument. You turn on the tuning fork and the release note A, the string tuned in A is hit by sound waves and resonates without touch. The essence works in the same way. When you use an essence, it will activate the same quality in you that it possesses.




The shamanic way for me to work means that, depending on what you have on your mind, you use tools such as spring drum, rattle or stones to more easily track the blockage that makes you not having it as good as you wish . The knot can be anywhere, in the past, in the present or in your future. You get different kinds of medicine to take home, everything to make you as smooth and easy as possible to heal your wounds properly. Frequency Medicine, sand painting, fire up the old contract you have written with yourself in stressful situations, are some examples. Treatment includes that we have conversations and that you lie on the treatment couch. The session lasts about 1.5 hours, price 650 Skr.

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TIBETAN FACIAL MASSAGE - original method

Tibetan facial massage is a pleasant way to release tension and blockage in the face, throat, neck and head. The skin, connective tissue and muscles are worked with a light hand. The circulation is invigorated and the face gets a new vitality at the same time as you get deeply relaxed. The treatment includes balancing of the body's energy system and activation of the internal organs, the whole body gets a boost of energy. Four treatments are recommended, where each treatment is focused on different parts of the face. It is advisable to wait three or four weeks between each treatment. After that, two to three treatments per year, or whenever you feel you want to treat yourself to something special. The entire treatment takes about 1 1/2 hour. Price 650 Skr per session.